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I am a Business Consultant for Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Well-rounded supply chain management professional who has great experiences in all aspects of SCM on a worldwide basis. Solid understanding of what it takes to create and manage a very functional and cost-effective logistic solutions for warehousing and transportation operations and most aspects of supply chain management. Strong leadership skills and a great understanding of the importance in running a financial stable operation and one poised for long-term success. Has operational experiences through-out North America, Europe and parts of Asia. A full understanding of people value and viewed as a great people motivator and coach (Tutor).
Through my career I have proven results in running Warehouse, 3PL operations, Manufacturing operations and now freelance consulting.

I am open to the next great logistics challenge in software implementations-greenfield up to Hypercare and well as to take operational responsibility
in manufacturing and logistics/supply chain (lead) operations.

We are MES & WMS experts

Leading of SAP MM-WM-eWM & QM
Highjump One WMS, Implementation Management of WMS or SCM solutions and guiding/coaching transition through the Supply Chain Execution Solutions, encompassing Warehouse- & Transportation Management and/or Manufacturing Management. Creating new innovation in automation and industry 4.0 for supporting
next generation Cloud and Edge applications leveraging AI, IoT and AR/VR. .

From Greenfield setup - implemention until Go-Live and beyond with Hypercare and optimising sessions and aftercare

Rhianna B.M. GRALIKE
Business Consultant, BA & Functional Consultant MES - SCM


What some of my clients say

The implementation of SAP WM or SAP eWM requires not only knowledge of SAP but also about logistics processes, organizational questions and practical usability. Rhianna incorporates both sides, due to her immense practical logistics experience in previous roles. Rhianna has a strong analytical Approach, and combines her practical experience with the feasibility of the planned SAP WM / eWM implementation in respect to the real processes. Rhianna is a fast-pace thinker,moderator, and overall a good team-leader in SAP Projects. If you are currently thinking about implementing SAP WM / eWM - Rhianna is the Person you need to talk to.


Rhianna Gralike is the lady to have in your corner when you need someone with a cool head and a strategic vision.
I understand her to be entirely pragmatic with a rare gift of being able to see numerous points of view.
Consequently she is capable of producing business solutions which meet the needs of all parties.
Rhianna gives IT in the global logistics space a good name, she approaches each challenge listening which results in solutions that work.
In my opinion this is testament to her emotional intelligence; Rhianna is naturally "other" rather than "self" centred,
her human nature combined with vast global experience make her a wonderful ambassador for our industry


Rhianna has a very deep and wide understanding of the challenges and opporuntities offered in logistics based software.
Rhianna's has a detailed understanding of logistics
from fundamentally moving physical goods around a distribtion center to an understanding the subtleties of
web based logistical software products.   I found Rhianna to be straight forward, easy to deal with, and a wealth of knowledge.


Rhianna brings together many years of direct logistics hands on experience coupled with an excellent knowledge of the latest application technology. This combination positions him as an excellent logistics transformation consultant and solution architect.


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